Coach 25% off in stores 3/18 through 3/25

  1. Just got the coupon in the mail today, it says it good for all of the new Spring line.
  2. Glad that's what is says!
  3. In the Coach boutiques ?
  4. Congrats!
  5. I'm waiting to see what you all buy :smile:
  6. Hmmmm I wondering how you get this?:shrugs:
  7. Just remember, this is not a public event!
  8. Is it limited to the spring line or is the Legacy line also included?
  9. I just got mine also. The legacy is included.
  10. I don't want to dispute you, but how do you know that Legacy is included? On my card it just says spring.
  11. Mine says on the back "Valid only on purchases of Spring 2007 merchandise. Not valid for purchase of Ergo, Fragrance collections, gift cards, special orders, merchandise holds, and phone orders."


    What is considered "Spring" I wonder?
  12. Because I asked my SA and he asked the manager. As it is if you read the back it also states certain things are not included. Anything that is due out in April I also was told was not included. The new legacy canvas is not included because it is due out in April.
  13. Oh I'd love to get one, but doubt that I will. I usually buy @ I have bought in the store once and I doubt that is enough. Make sure you girls post what you get so all of us who don't get a card can see!
  14. Ok... I have been reading snippets here and there about these cards but didn't realize you have to always buy in a store to get them? So any purchases I've made online will not qualify me for getting one?

    I've made only a couple of purchases in a store and that was very recently.

    I shouldn't be looking for a card to arrive then??? :crybaby:
  15. ^^ I guess it doesn't matter then anyway if it can only be used in a store in person. I live over 3 hours from a Coach store and rarely get to go in person.