Coach 25% off in stores 3/18 through 3/25

  1. Just got the coupon in the mail today, it says it good for all of the new Spring line.
  2. Super post! Many will benefit from this.
  3. Why do I never get the coupons?:sad:
  4. Unfortunately you need the card in order to benefit
  5. Yes, please remember this is a Preferred Customer Event. It is not a public offer and you must receive an invite in the mail to receive the discount.
  6. Got my very first one today! So excited!
  7. How do you get them to mail you one?
  8. If you do a board search for PCE you will find a lot of info regarding the PCE. Generally its sent to those who spent roughly over a specific ammount at the store (not outlet or online) during a specific time frame (3 months).
  9. OMG, thats awesome!!!
  10. thanks for the info!
  11. ^^ Not true. I haven't bought anything in a year and I still get it. You just have to be in their system. Ask if they can put you in.
  12. So, it's not for everyone?
  13. I don't know if it's "ethical," but people sell the coupons on eBay for like $10-20 :shrugs: I have a friend who did that since she had a substantial purchase to make...
  14. No matter what people say, it's not about how much you spend. When you buy something in the store, make sure you're signed up for promotions and they will send it out to you.
  15. It's not just a matter of being in the system though because I am in the sytem but don't receive the PCE card. There are other criteria for getting one and sometimes it just seems random. If you are still getting them even after not purchasing in a year then you are lucky! But supposedly if you get them and don't use them, you'll quit getting them.