coach 2011 Kristin

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  1. Does anyone know how big the new Coach 2011 Kristin purse is?
  2. Do you mean this Kristin? If so, I am going to say she is on the larger side. By looking at the hand of the person holding her, I am going to say she is going to be a good 15 inches long, if not more...

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  3. Hi and welcome to tPF. We only just got to see the pics yesterday and I don't think we have more info available just yet. You would definitely need to be much more specific than asking about the 2011 Kristin purse-we saw several new bags from the Kristin line. Don't worry-all the important details will be available soon!
  4. The tan Kristin that's in the pictures that has a pocket on the front leather.
  5. The tan one is the one that I'm interested in too:smile: Jax has no info at all on this line yet.
  6. Let me know when you have info please I can't wait! Also do you own any of the Kristin's
  7. Let me know when you have info thanks, also do you own any of the Kristin purses?:yahoo:
  8. Woah... yep, definitely hoping a PCE will be around March or April, LOL
  9. Is the clasp on the 2011 Kristen line like the original with the hole, not the snap type? Anyone notice this or am I seeing things?