Coach 1941 Resort 2017

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  1. Stuart yaaaaaaaaaaaas!

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  2. Some of my favorite looks... :cool:

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  3. I want this studded flannel so bad! :graucho:

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  4. The second look here reminds me of Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors!!!
  5. Holy crap!! 2017 is out in pictures already? Better save my pennies for new versions of the 36 Rogue! :biggrin: Love the colorblocking
  6. The images from WWD are a lot more vivid than those found on Vogue.
  7. The Rogue is here to stay!!!
  8. So is Wild Beast! Wooh wooh! :heart:

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  9. I hope they stay a while too!
  10. All in all, I find most of it pretty forgettable.

    It looks like most of the 1941 themes are here to stay (prairie florals, t-rex), but, for some reason, I just don't "connect" with the way they're interpreted here.

    The XL Metal T-Rex Bag Charm looks like it would scratch the hell out of any leather bag it's hanging off of....of any passerby is would bump against! The XL Prairie Rose bag charm looks like it's loud.

    I do really like this new Dinky design (Dinky portfolio? Dinky messenger?), and it would make a great portfolio for carrying to work.

    The shoes are whack, imo. Too Doc Marten meets 90's grunge creeper. Would love to see these looks with a softer shoe, especially the last one in the lookbook. These are so heavy, and I find many of the silhouettes are far too unbalanced.
  11. I wish these designs would translate more into the Menswear selection. Our collections have been neglected, and are sooo boring...

    I think the bag charms are ehh. Not too into them. The new Dinky however is interesting, but it does look extremely thin. Would be good though for some documents and a tablet I guess.

    I love the shoes! Not too fond of the snow boot design, but the heeled shoes are so cool! Reminds me of something industrial punk, so 90's. Straaaaps for days...
  12. I agree about the new Dinky --I hope this comes in solid colored leather. I'd definitely get one for a portfolio.

    Can anyone else see Hillary Clinton wearing the coat from the last look? This is probably the "fanciest" piece I've seen in Coach's regal as all heck! I feel like it's totally up her alley.

  13. I live this whole outfit and would wear it all, Rogue and all. 😍😍
  14. Some really neat new takes on the Rogue! I'm so glad it's staying around. I have 2 and could definitely see having at least 1 or 2 ......more!
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    The last photo in post #3....isn't that Felix the Cat on that bag? I know I'm not the only one on here who is old enough to remember him. lol!

    NM....I just read the article.