coach 130 - black ?

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  1. does anyone know what retail was on this? i have one in perfect condition that a friend wants to buy it....but i dont want to over or under charge her.
  2. [​IMG]

    like this but black with blue/teal hangtags.
  3. what size do you have?
  4. That's the smallest one right? I want to say it was 158, but I'm not sure exactly.
  5. would think small....its not overly huge. 10 " tall.
  6. what do you think a fair price might be?
  7. These were recently at TJ Maxx for about half the price.
  8. I have the same style but it's the multicolor scribble. I haven't used it and the tag says MFSRP $218. I remember seeing a white one with the same price. Mine is 11 x 10.
  9. ^ i have the small was $168.
  10. then if its really unused, pefect condition.....would $75.00 be fair?
  11. i think so, yeah.