Coach 11062 Price Drop Online

  1. The price is normally $298, this looks like a typo???
  2. wow. if it is $298 originally, maybe you should do the 'purchase now and pick up in the store' option to get the discount and avoid shipping charges?
  3. I doubt it's a typo. If you visit the Coach subforum here, you'll find some topics on the current price markdown Coach has been doing but not labeling them as "sales" to "preserve their image."
  4. "Coach has endured a rough season with its stock price slipping and some surreptitious marking down. Certain products have been retagged at lower prices without advertising the changes, as a strategy to maintain a full-price posture. "It's kind of a secret. They don't want to look like they're not selling bags by putting them on sale, so we retag the items," said one employee, who requested anonymity. The source said most of the markdowns were between 25 and 30 percent. According to a company statement: "Coach did reprice a few of our handbags styles — which are to be discontinued after holiday — in order to be consistent across channels. We have taken selective corporate price changes from time to time in the past.""
  5. I heard part of their problem stems from being one of most conterfitted ones
  6. Yep I went to the other forum and appears to not be a typo! :nuts:wow. I think this is the first time I ever hear about a price reduction online? I have gotten a few items with PCE (only because of PCE otherwise would have not). I am so not on the ball with Coach anymore I sort of lost interest in the brand. But thats a good deal on that bag and the others that are reduced.
  7. Coach has endured a rough season with its stock price slipping and some surreptitious marking down.

    A lot of the markup was ficticious to begin with. Coach did not up the quality, but the quantity and production were cranked up. They pretty much diluted themselves. Never understood why the price increase except that in my view they did that following the price increases of the higher end competitors (like Vuitton, Chanel, etc.). Now I can understand Vuitton and Chanel increases, the cost of labor alone has gone up and needs to be rewarded in order to maintain high standards of quality. But for Coach that did not appear to be necessary, they just looked at the opportunity created by the higher end brands and said why not mark it up, we make more money. If I were the CEO of Coach I would bring the production back home where it should be - that right there would eliminate a huge part of the counterfeting.
  8. it looks like there are 2 kinds of "hamptons medium carryall"

    the $209 one has gold hardware
    the $328 one had silver hardware

    i believe the $209 ones are already in the outlets and are marked down another 20%!
  9. i just have to comment.. yes coach is doing so poorly in the stock market. i am in ap economics and lost $6,000 in coach lmao (as a simultation)