Co-Workers eat my Food

  1. Hey guys...

    I'm pretty new to the purse forum...but I just have to rant for a second. I work in NYC, where the food (at lunch) is pretty expensive. Also, I'm trying to adhere to a strict 3 meals a day diet, with limited portions. Because of my limits, (maybe this is just psychological) but I feel deprived if I do not eat my entire portion, and then end up splurging on a cookie or something as a snack. co-workers, claim they are on diets and don't get a lunch, but end up eating like more than half of my lunch. They are always like, "Can I have a bite...Oh, that's good..can I have more...can you cut me like half of your sandwich...can i have some of your soup..etc."

    First of all...I hate sharing food...I hate when people put thier hands in my chips bag or put thier spoon in my soup. I know I sound rigid, but it just grosses me out.

    I've been working at this job for 5 months, and I feel like if I say something, then everyone will think that I am being stingy. My co-workers have been here forever, and they have a way of spinning things. Like, for instance, (they are thin, and I am overweight), they will say that it wouldn't hurt for me to eat less and lose a few. The sad thing is, that is what I am trying to do!!!

    Alright...i feel better getting this off my chest....anyone have any advice?
  2. Oh my..sorry to hear that. May be you should eat alone or politely ask if she want you to pack her separate lunch because you need your own food.
  3. How annoying. I hate people picking at my food also, it's rude. Is there anywhere in the office that you can go to eat your lunch in peace? If not, then I would just be honest with them and say ' I would give you a piece, but I'm starving and on this diet and trying to stick to it, which means eating all of my lunch'. You should not have to fight for your own lunch everyday, some people have no manners.
  4. It's kind of an unspoken rule that we have to eat at our desk and work at the same time, so I can't really avoid the situation. The last time I told them about my strict diet and how I have to eat my full portion, they gave me a look and starting gossiping about me through instant messenger. It's so childish.

    The only thing that I have tried, that actually works, is dousing my food in hot sauce or red crushed pepper to make it spicy (I love spicy food and they hate it). Just hard to put spices on my non-fat angel food cake :smile:
  5. Oh. And I forgot to add. Thanks for your responses!!

  6. This is easy: Tell them to get their own lunch. Sounds to me like they're using you and they are probably making a game out of doing it.

    Who cares what they spin?! You need to eat in order to lose weight and if you're grabbing a cookie because you're giving them you food, you're only hurting yourself.
  7. Remember the commercial..."Back off, get your own sandwich"?:yes:
  8. Bring your lunch with your portions and a bag of chips, or something for the vultures.
  9. I think I would say something like, "You know I love you guys but I cannot afford to feed you all everyday. Please let me eat my lunch."

    As for this comment:

    How rude and insensitive is that? I would flat out let them know how that comment made me feel. Something like, "thanks, but hurting my feelings won't help me lose weight."

    I can't believe grown people are acting this way.
  10. OMG I'm the same way I hate when people touch or disturb me when i'm eating. If they ask just tell them no thats what I do or tell them where they can get there own. They're the ones being rude not you.
  11. Thanks guys for all the replies! I think I need to be a stronger person, and tell my co-workers to back off and get thier own food! :yes:
  12. They're rude. You should eat your lunch outside or alone.
  13. Do you pack your lunch. If so, pack it in a barf bag from an airplane. They won't ask for anything again.
  14. I totally agree with you :yes:
    they are so rude. you're not doing anything wrong by telling them that you need ALL of your lunch. it's your food. if you say no then it's no ;)
  15. Had to come back to see what others have advised to you to do. You did get some good advice although I would NOT bring them food. You're not their personal food chef! They're bullies and since we all teach people how to treat us, you need to put them in their place. Especially since they are making fun of you.

    I'd sit there every day and eat all alone but be full and have self-worth before I have them another bite of anything I had.

    You'll be fine.