Co-worker's comment about my Alexandra.

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  1. I had shown her a picture of the Madison convertible hobo a couple of weeks ago. Then I showed her the Alexandra I ended up getting in a meeting yesterday. She refused to believe it was a Coach because it didn't "say Coach on it". I showed her the hang tags and she wouldn't believe it, so I showed her the creed. She can't believe I spent money on a bag that didn't "say Coach on it".

  2. Tell her when you are getting paid to 'advertise' then you'll be sure to walk it by her :smile:

  3. LOL... good one...
  4. That is the one thing I love about my Acorn Alexandra. It is simple and classic and doesn't scream Coach. Usually people that want you to know it is a Coach usually carry fakes.

  5. HAHAHAH Love it! Some people are so shallow.
  6. All my coach bags are leather AND i take te hangtags off!! Lol!
  7. That is too funny. I have signature and leather bags and I never got the siggy bags to scream Coach...I got them because I like them. Some people just wear me out. She's probably the same woman that would carry a fake though because it "said Coach."
  8. That is funny....just let them all keep thinking that ;)

    Ironically my Alexandra is one of the few siggy bags that I have, but I didnt buy it for the siggy....I bought it for the studded trim :nuts: and I needed a "neutral" color bag. Its now become one of my favorites, and I see many leather ones now in my future.
  9. I agree 100%. This is what drew me to the Alexandra in the first place.
  10. I love the fact that the alexandra isnt so in your face coach. It just goes to show how peoples's tastes differ. But that wad pretty rude of her tosay it that way. And for her to insist that your bag is fake.
  11. Ugh. She would hate my bags, then! The three that I own are all leather, and they only say Coach very small on a piece of hardware or, on my Tribeca, a small plaque.
  12. QUICK!!! Call an outlet and see if you can still get the "this is a coach bag" glam tote!! :roflmfao:
  13. What a ding dong!
  14. hahaha i love that!:lolots:
  15. Even better, wear the "This is a coach shoe" around her :smile: