Co-worker who loves LV too!

  1. Hey all, I know we've all had experiences with co-workers or others who don't understand our LV passion or think we're carrying fakes or wonder why we spend so much, blah blah blah.

    BUT here's a great one! I've been at my new job almost 90 days now (and proudly carry my LV and all my wonderful bags without any quandries...we're business casual so jeans and a nice sweater are just fine). Anyway, today I had my Cabas Piano and as I was coming back from lunch a co-worker shows up...with a gorgeous Vavin GM! :yahoo: She says "hey...great bag" and smiles and I'm all "yeah, LOVE yours too!" Hers, it turns out, is about 5 years old with amazing patina while mine is only 6 months old and is still pretty virginal looking...we had a great chat about that too.

    Just wanted to share a mutual admiration of LV with a co-worker - can't wait to see what else she has, and I may have a new shopping buddy here too :jammin: .
  2. Aww... that's so cool!!!

    I had a similar experience... my boss' sister has a Cabas Piano... I was getting ready to go and I had my Damier Pocket Agenda in my back pocket. My boss, Rachel, asks me "Hey can I see that?", pointing to the agenda. So I give it to her, she and her sister both go "Ooooh... Louis Vuitton" and are all looking through it... :p
  3. Ooh that's always fun! It's so nice to have someone who appreciates it as much as you do!
  4. That must be a great feeling!!!!

    All around me seems to get sort of too judgemental or all leads to money questions or comments like " guys must be doing so well with your LV and all"...Im glad that non of my LVs are Mono cause I feel like more attention will be drawn.....:yucky: ....its so stupid....I wish I can find someone with whom I can chat about LV at work or even around friends or family.....

    Thats why I treasure you guys so!!!!!!!:yes:
  5. how cute Pursegrrl! I think you have found a shopping buddy! lol! It is always nice when you find someone who loves Louis Vuitton like you!
  6. Awwwh! It is a great feeling :biggrin: I was at a company party of my DH's making small talk and she brings up LV and you couldn't have pulled us apart for a long time after that. LV brings people together :biggrin:
  7. aw, lv love.
  8. That´s great! At first no-one here liked LV and now my guy friend is totally into getting a keepall :biggrin:
  9. That's a nice story, you're lucky to have a colleague who understands your great taste in bags.:p No one in this town even knows what LV is.:sad:
  10. Oh, how I envy you!! It's always so great to share your LV addiction with coworkers. :girlsigh:
  11. That is very cool. I have no one to share in my LV obsession.....only you guys!!!
  12. I have a coworker who bought a few lv pieces before getting married and having kids. Over the years she has had to sell them. She loves mine so much that I have actually considered giving her my speedy that I never use (she can no longer afford to buy one). I think my mom might shoot me if I didn't offer it to her first. It is nice to have someone to share the enthusiasm with!
  13. That's awesome! It's so nice to have people to share your LV love with. :smile: I have a similar story- I was wearing my Mono Montsouris Backpack and was leaving the office and this man in the elevator said "I love your bag" and we've become "elevator buddies" ever since. :smile: He is the most gorgeously dressed, sweetest most adorable gay man. Thank the lord for gay men in my building who know fashion!
  14. How fun! I also recently started a new job, and as luck would have it my manager was looking for vintage Gucci on eBay - I then of course introduced her to tPF and how to get it authenticated - she's awesome!
  15. That's a cool story and a ray of hope that not all co-workers are purse bashers. :lol: