Co worker. Fake Louis. Nuff said!! Help

  1. I just started a new job and one of the women who are just starting also walked in with a LV Speedy 25. I saw the bag from a distance when she first walked in but at the time we were listening to the "New people," lecture as most jobs tend to do. Anyway when I finally got to comment her about it I go "Speedy 25?" and she is like, "Uh, I guess so." So she holds it up all proud and it is totally fake. The leather is actually peeling where it is supposed to be tan. Now she flaunts it and wont stop asking me silly questions like "Do you think it goes with this outfit. No wait LV goes with everything!" Would I be wrong if I totally socked her one and told her it was fake as she hit the ground.
  2. I wouldn't do it, not the best way to start a new job. If you end up becoming good friends with her, I would tell her discreetly.
  3. Not as if i would literally sock her just would really like to burst her bubble. I think that she thinks because I asked that I have no knowledge of handbags and that I envy her or something. In her dreams!!! Its a fake!!! She must know that she bought it!
  4. I know what you meant, I still wouldn't do it. Perhaps if you talked about your bags more, then she'll figure it out on her own that you know hers is a fake.
  5. She seriously might not know that it's fake. In that case, you could take her aside and let her know. Or if you have a Speedy you could educate her on the differences between real and fake. She might thank you for it.
  6. I wouldn't say anything. She will figure out it is fake when it starts falling apart if she hasn't already. One day she will probably look back on this and be embaressed she carried such an terrible bag.
  7. I think only if you did so in a polite/not snobbish way like in a way that didn't put her in an awkward position, like you might not know but your bag (etc, etc,) isn't real and thought you might like to know. Just treading gently and lightly on it and then saying something like but I guess you might want a fake bag just to bang around to leave her an out just in case she wanted a fake bag for whatever reason. I really would not judge her solely on her bag as that just seems in bad taste at a work place where you should be cooperating which each other, regardless of what brand bag you have.
  8. I would keep my mouth shut. Embarrassing a new co-worker is not a good way to start a new job.
  9. A coworker is a person you'll be spending a lot of time with so be careful. The way you're talking about her it sounds like you want to tell her it's fake because she's getting on your nerves, not because you feel bad for her that she has a fake. If you do decide to tell her, make sure it doesn't come across sounding mean, even if she deserves it.
  10. Wait till you get to know her and your new job setting a little better before even considering bringing it up. First impressions are crucial.
  11. Maybe, and only maybe, if she seeks you out and asks more purse-related questions, as you said she does on occation, you might indicate that fakes are not the way to go but that you would not openly criticize her for what she was carrying....and that you would not personally carry a fake bag......
  12. eek, i wouldn't say a thing! however if you have a speedy 25 or any lv i suggest you bring it in and flaunt it, maybe she'll want to take a look and will see the difference in quality?
  13. I wouldn't say anything, especially since you're new. It's likely that she would not take it well, and you don't want to get off on the wrong foot.
  14. Yes it would be wrong.. but I wouldn't blame you :graucho:

    Since you are just starting, then I don't think you should get on the bad side of anyone yet - maybe just flaunt your bag info to her whenever you get the chance or something
  15. Why not just ask where she bought it? Obviously she wouldn't say LV or Eluxury (unless she fibs), and when she tells you, that could open it up to talking about fake bags vs. real and how the real bags will stand the test of time (especially if she loves the Speedy design, maybe knowing hers is falling apart would entice her to buy the real deal).