Co-OP 50% off sale items

  1. I just went to co-op yesterday and they had an additional 50% sale items. I dont' know when the sale ends, but the items have been marked down three times already. I got a pair of James Jeans for 25!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Whoa, great deal! I am going to have to swing by my co-op even though I am supposed to be on a shopping ban :p. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. it's worth getting off your ban! they had some great deals. Rag and Bone, Vince, Sevens, M by MJ, Velvet, etc. I picked up a dress, a button up, a sweater, and a pair of jeans for only 150!
  4. Yay! Just in time for back to school!
  5. can anyone confirm if the Barneys at South coast plaza is having this sale too? tia!
  6. that's great! do they have the co-op sale at the grove as well? and how long does the sale last?
  7. Is this happening in NYC locations? Wow 50%! You scored some great deals yesther, thanks for letting us know!
  8. awesome! Thanks for posting it.
  9. when I asked Barney's in Chicago about thier 2nd markdowns a while ago, the SA told me that they were sending their stuff to Co-Op to be marked down there. I don't know if she was right or not...but it might be worth calling Barney's to ask!
  10. Is this a post-Warehouse-sale sale??? Will these deals be available in NYC locations?
  11. i'm in socal as well - anybody know if the one at the grove is offering a similar sale?
  12. this isn't post warehouse, but it's only at co-op free standing stores, i think. that was the case last year.

    i got a bunch of james perse stuff under $20 a piece last year, and this killer daryl k dress for $39 marked down from $300+.
  13. I checked out the co-op inside the Madison Ave location and couldn't find much on sale, FYI. No bags or shoes or jewelry, some clothes, they were very subtle about hte sale. I might try Soho today.
  14. i came back from the grove today - nothing is on sale there