CNN: "How I spent my Covid Summer" (They quoted me!)


Mother of Dachshunds
Mar 28, 2006
Montgomery, AL
This was published last month. If you read down a few paragraphs, I'm the Carol from Montgomery, Alabama quoted in it.

You also gave thanks for boredom, compared to its alternatives. Bruce Allen of Carmel, Indiana, explained it this way: "In a word, for us the last six months have been dull -- which, in 2020, could be a lot worse." Carol Roberts of Montgomery, Alabama, hasn't lost her sense of humor as she contends with life in a pandemic, thinking of her daughter off at college. She quipped: "As a big science fiction fan some of my favorite books and movies are about post-apocalyptic survivors. But no one told me the Apocalypse would require so much patience and sitting around and watching Netflix. Sometimes I feel like we're the only people left in the world sitting at home waiting for it to get better. But then I reach out on Facebook and ask my friends what they are doing and most are doing the same."