CNN Feature on Luxury Goods Highlights Hermes - video


Jan 17, 2009
Interesting something is brewing at 24 fbg, I think time will tell .but between this and LVMH and the media interest in H, is indeed very interesting but mostly intriguing.
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Nov 24, 2008
That was an interesting video - thank you for posting it :smile:

I believe most luxury houses & luxury department stores (Neiman's, Saks, etc.) have started making their wares more readily available to the world versus only focusing on US consumers. A global approach is probably best for these brands; I just hope a decline in quality does not follow what will be higher production :wondering

We have friends & family all over the world. We used to bring suitcases laden with American & European goodies. They no longer need us to do that as they can purchase their desired items directly without traveling. More celebrities in various markets are toting higher-end designer goods as well. I'm guess luxury brands have kitted them out in the same way they've kitted out our celebrities to make items more desirable & coveted by the masses. Bleh.

The downside for me is that I'm convinced there is a shoe-loving woman with my size living in another country who pounces on my favorites within MOMENTS of their availability. Seriously, every other size will be available for a particular model, but not mine :pout: Of course, she has exquisite taste :P