CND Vinylux One Week Nail Polish

  1. I just saw the announcement of this and am really excited to try this line. I think it sounds like the missing link between regular polish and SOG. I'm a bit afraid that it sounds a bit too good to be true. :shame:

    Can't wait to hear the first reviews. I saw on ALU's Instagram that she already has some colours.

    Here's the announcement from

  2. I'm one of those natural born skeptics, so I'll believe it when I see it.

    I have noticed that the pictures of the top coat show a black bottle, similar to what you find on UV/LED gel polishes. It may mean that the top coat will harden when exposed to light, or not. It would really be super if the top coat could be used with any polish to harden it. That would be something to get excited about.
  3. Exactly. :p I'm excited for some reviews because I really can't believe the claims. If it works, it's exactly what I was looking for (can't get more than 2 to maybe 3 days wear out of a regular polish and never bothered with SOG as of now).

    They are saying the TC hardens with exposure to (natural) light. :yes: But aren't there TCs like that out there already?

    I read somewhere that it's only supposed to work with the matching Vinylux polishes but they probably wouldn't advertise the fact if it worked with any polish anyway. :p

  4. CND is always saying that you have to use their complete system. They also claim that Shellac will only cure with their CFL lights but they cure with any 36 watt CFL UV lamps. :p

    They do not cure with LEDs, although that may be changing. Apparently they will be making their own LED lamps that will be available some time this summer. I wonder how their LEDs will differ from all the other LEDs that are used to cure gels. :cool: :p
  5. Well, you can be sure that the CND LED lamp will be more expensive! LOL
  6. ;)
  7. Has anyone heard when these will be making their debut? TIA

  8. ^I read that it will be available in UK from May 1st on and in the US a week earlier, but now I can't find that source anymore :p

    Lol. You're right, but isn't it pretty much always like that?! "For best results try our matching (insert random article here)..." *g* I've yet to find a company saying: Buy our competitor stuff, it's cheaper and works just as great! :roflmfao:

    Anyway, I'll wait for some reviews and decide then.
  9. Actually, in the world of SOGs, CND has become (in)famous for its insistence that you must use every part of their system especially the lamp. Gelish, on the other hand, jumped out there quite a while ago advertising that their base and top coats were so good, you could use them with any brands' color coats!

    But CND has also been absolutely insistent that CND Shellac is a professional product when other brands were developing consumer lines. Since Vinylux is supposed to be marketed to consumers as well as professionals, it will be interesting to see how hard and fast they stick to the "only our system" way of thinking.
  11. Same here. :biggrin:
  12. Has anyone tried this yet? I am debating on getting a couple colors, but only if it works. I read a blog where the blogger tried it and it did dry completely in 8 1/2 minutes. She said she would report back on wear, but didn't.It's all over eBay and Amazon, prices are fairly reasonable.
  13. I can't wait to see if it really works like they say it does! Has anyone seen it at any retail stores?
  14. I've been wondering too! I need reviews :smile:
  15. I'm for anything that dries that fast. Especially when I want to get a pedi in the winter. No base, just color and top, and all dry in under 10 minutes? Sounds like winter perfection. :biggrin: