CND Shellac Swatches ONLY

  1. I absolutely love all these swatch threads! I am now wanting gel and regular nail polishes I never would've considered before! I didn't see one for Shellac, so thought I would start one.

    Swatches only please, lets save the chit chat for the regular shellac thread

    1. Red Baroness (2 coats)
    2. Iced Coral (2 coats)
    3. Fedora (2 coats)
    4. Iced Coral over Fedora (1 coat each)
    5. Iced coral over Red baroness (1 coat each)
  2. Wildfire; Cream Puff with Negligee
    Shellac Wild Fire.JPG IMG_0183.JPG
  3. Hot Pop Pink with Gelish foundation and top coat
    Hot Pop Pink 1.jpg Hot Pop Pink 2.jpg
  4. Tropix

  5. Shellac Tutti Frutti over LeChat Go Girl
    Tutti Frutti.jpg Tutti Frutti2.jpg
  6. Rose Bud
  7. Decadence and Red Baroness
    022329865-big.jpg 022751190-big.jpg
  8. Wildfire, day 1 and day 8
    CND Shellac Wildfire 01.jpg CND Shellac Wildfire 02.jpg CND Shellac Wildfire Tag 8 01.jpg
  9. romantique + Negligee (1 layer each). I found it to be very sheer.

    It was my first time shellacking so don't judge! ;)

    PS: Does anyone know how I can paste the image on here too, in addition to the attachment, like Samia did with rose bud? I tried copy and paste but that didn't work. Thnx!
    romantique_negligee1.jpg romantique_negligee2.jpg romantique_negligee3.jpg
  10. Wildfire again ;)
  11. 3 coats of Gotcha
    IMG_0776.jpg IMG_0777.jpg IMG_0778.jpg IMG_0779.jpg
  12. BIGGER PICTURES - 3 coats of Gotcha
    Gotcha1.jpg gotcha2.jpg gotcha3.jpg gotcha4.jpg
  13. Rock Royalty. I am on Day 14 now. :smile: