C'mon LV give us more colours in Epi Noe!!

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  1. I mean, how bland is the black and cream in the Epi Noe - according to the LV website its all they have.


    I want to get an Epi Noe but not a black or cream one - I would rather pay the money and get a leather bag, but with the lousy colour choice of the Epi Noe's I would prefer to get the canvas Azur Noe - atleast its something different and a little striking.

    Why on earth they would not make Mandarin or Yellow or any other colour permanent thats not a tone is beyond me. C'mon LV show us the rainbow!!

    What do you guys think or am I in the minority here...
  2. There are apparantly more coming out this fall.
  3. Really??? YAYYYYY :wlae:Thanks Liberte..

    Can you direct me to a thread or website that shows me the upcoming colours?