c'mon & join the s/s '06 b-bag lovers club

  1. all you girls out there with s/s '06 bags, c'mon out & show your love :love:...we've all seen so many threads & posts about how our leather isn't as good as all the rest...let's take this opportunity to bond over our shared :heart: for our bags, 'cause they deserve love too :yes:...you've heard of the ink club, the lilac club, the rouille club, the weekender club & the list goes on & on...i thought it was about time we had our own little thread where we can talk about how amazing, wonderful & beautiful our bags are...below are a few of my precious babies :tender:

    p.s. miss origan courier, rouille first, emerald purse, black twiggy & grey hobo
    OLIVE COURIER BAG 2.jpg ROUILLE BAG 2.jpg DSCF2040 rev.jpg DSCF2053 rev.jpg DSCF2058 rev.jpg
  2. aaallabama 0o0o0o0o i'm going to find some pics now... be back in a jiffy!!!
  3. woooooooooo-whoooooooooo, i can't wait to see them helen-girl!!!
  4. hehehehe, found my family pic!!!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: i joined tPF in Jan 06 and hehehehe, YES, i bought these all this year... good ole 06.... hehehehe!!! :yahoo: hmmm, i think im going to add a DAY/HOBO and WORK to my collection.... but where is that darn Turquoise 05??? hehehe!!!!

    aaa - i love green/emerald PURSE! - the colour looks so rich and yummy!!!
  5. they're beautiful helen & i can see you have a cornflower bag just like me :tender:...mine is a work from AR & i don't have a picture of her yet, but i promise to take one sooooooooooon :P
  6. my cornflower blue Work :love:
  7. aallabama - oh please be sure to include 06 Cornflower WORK!!!! :wlae: i bet shes a stunner!!!! :love:

    hey esiders - yeah CORNFLOWER blue!!!! :love:
  8. Mr. Ink city :love:
    mrink1.jpg mrink2.jpg
  9. my ink city and hobo! (with a cameo by my 04 marron)

  10. the infamous yellowing pale pink Work...still gotta give it some love!:yes:
  11. [​IMG][​IMG]aaaaaaaaaaaa, ok here are some 06 leathers you have seen before. oldies but goodies.:supacool: origan 06 weekender and my suprise purchase, white 06 first.
  12. woooooooooo-whoooooooooo, helen, hatikuh, esiders, mocean & chaussure, i'm really lovin' this s/s '06 drool-fest we have going on :yahoo:
  13. Fun thread. I have never seen the 'old' Bbag leather IRL. However, I think all of the '06 bags the ladies have posted are simply lovely. I only began collecting Bbags early '06 and I am very happy with bags I have (I even like the shine!). So from SS '06 I have the rouille twiggy (upper left), Caramel/Cognac City(upper right) and Ink City (3rd down on the right). (I have a Rouge VIF Day coming on Friday so it is missing in the group pic).

    sapin resized.jpg
  14. :yahoo:Here is my dear ink city! LOVE this bag! :yahoo:
  15. okay, girls, here's the 1st photos of my newborn cornflower work baby :tender:

    p.s. i thought she looked so purdy against my blue-tiled wall :heart:
    DSCF2228 REV.jpg DSCF2233 REV.jpg