C'mon in and check out my bags

  1. Hey everyone, well I've posted some things here, there and I wanted to show off my bags. I know my collection is small compared to some of you guys. But I do love what I have!

    I also have pics of my fav LAMB bags, since they're lesportsac also.


    The Family:
    I love the placements on these bags!


    My LAMB

    A gift from my brother(the best one he's ever given me!):


    My travel bag, I can stuff everything and the kitchen sink bag

    My AS bags were such a great price, I had to buy them! I wish they had the cute little pink cactus dog on them, but you can't beat getting both bags for about $55! Plus I got a good deal on my Zucca, $102! (since I got a double discount on it, my reg 20% off, plus another 20% off of that since we had a employee back to school sale) Sometimes I love working at macy's since I get a a discount, but my Macy's cc and I have a love hate relationship ;) Oh and if anyone is ever at Macy's serramonte, come say hi to me! :heart:
  2. Oo:huh:Ooo:huh:OO .... your Tutti Gioco is awesome! Am also drooling at your Lambi Cami .. great bags!!
  3. Oooh. I love your Rosa and Spiagga! :drool:
  4. cute collection! love ur tutti gioco..it has such great placement:biggrin:
  5. I actually didn't know the L.A.M.B. bags looked like that. They're nice, too!
  6. Nice collection!:tup:
  7. ooo drool drool, love your citta rosa bag!!:jammin:
  8. Wow! Your Lamb bags are SWEET! I've never seen those ones. :wtf:

    Love your famiglia zucca!
  9. Love your bags. especially the Spiaggia BV. I wondrew if MAcys still have Spiaggia ? Oh yeah Miyoshi,. I went to Serramonte a couple of weeks ago but i did not find tokis on display?? I only saw a Bianco Zucca & 2 Notte bags.
  10. Yeah my macy's sells outta bags really quick. Someone just returned a L'amore campeggio and we still have a few tutti's
  11. GREAT collection Miyoshi!!! i especially like ur LAMB bags!
  12. Oooh gimme your CR :p haha~ Great collection!!!