CMart in Baltimore and DC

  1. I went to the Washington CMart (actually it's in Landover), the first weekend they opened. It's was pretty crowded and not very well organized at that time. It has a warehouse atmosphere, but they did have some good merchandise at low prices.
  2. What is a CMart?
  3. I just moved from Baltimore area and went to the Baltimore (really Joppa) location every once in awhile. When they get certain shipments in its good deals (i.e. designer shoes from places like Bloomies, designer sunnies, and sometimes smaller boutiques that include pieces from designers like Chloe). They also have a huge designer purse event I think once a year. I would sign up for the email updates and when a notification of a shipment that interests you shows up, then hit it. I wouldn't go unless you know what should be there.
  4. ^^^ I totally agree with lcterp. I have been to both, and there are good deals to be had with a lot of patience! Their emails list in detail what they will have in stock with pictures usually. So if you see something you'd like to have go and go early. Like as soon as they open! I went to the opening and it was beyond chaotic!
  5. Ladies, thanks for the tip :flowers:

    Looks like I missed the Chloe and Stella shipment by 4 months :push: I'm drolling over these sweaters...
  6. You can get some amazing sales....but as others noted, you need to check the website to see what's coming, I think - are always being restocked, but I could be wrong. It is a prepared. Not pretty, hectic, etc.
    Go and check it out sometime.
    Good luck
  7. I live in dc and i have never hurd of this, I dont think it looks that good.
  8. looks like they have a big sale in the Baltimore store this weekend
  9. The C-Mart in Baltimore is actually in Belair - northeast of Baltimore. It's kind of a hit-or-miss place - you can go and see a lot of garbage...or you can go when they get a particular shipment in from a particular store, and find that they are letting only a certain amount of people in every 15 or 20 minutes because there's a line around the building! The company is undergoing some major changes...I believe the management has shifted to 2 younger guys (it's family owned - or it was - they may have sold it), and these guys are making some big changes...