1. i want to start expanding my clutch at least one lol. i have some bags that can be clutches, but i dont know where to begin! do you have any picts of you and your clutch, or your clutch collection, wish list, etc?
  2. I love clutches, especially vintage ones, here are most of mine:
    Picture 012.jpg
  3. The only bag I have that can be worn as a clutch is my Judith Leiber. (It also has a chain but I usually carry it like a clutch.) I'd love to get one less formal and slightly larger.
  4. You have a fabulous collection of clutches!:love:
  5. their beautiful!!
  6. how do you come to acquire vintage clutches?
  7. Fleamarkets and eBay :shame: I got this one for a pound and it's one of my favorite bags:
    Picture 007.jpg
  8. Thx Kat, yours are TDF, absolutely :heart: the orange one.
  9. thats so cute! and the best part is that you got to pay next to nothing for a true treasure. money doesnt make it a treasure, its what you made of it and it certainly is one. great taste!!
  10. CHeck out Kooba Haydon. That has a chain handle that can be detached. I have it in black, and it is my favorite bag!!!
  11. I love Merkin clutches, I have two, one in gunmetal and one in beige, and you're right, they go with everything
  12. I've got Nancy Gonzalez's crocodile (for real) clutch in black. Looks like this one from Bergdorf's web site. Its really useful; works with most evening outfits.

  13. I really love clutches but just don't have that many places to wear them. Everyone on here has truly beautiful bags though.
  14. :girlsigh: those are beautiful!!