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  1. How much would you pay for a clutch?.. Better yet where is a good place to find a cute one at a reasonable price?..Call me cheap or whatever you want to, but I was looking at a Jessica Simpson clutch that was $65. It was by far the cutest clutch I've seen yet. I love my bags and all but thats kinda ridiculous IMO [maybe its bc her brand isn't that popular here?]. I say this bc you can buy a clutch at somewhere like F21 for about $14 [even though I know they may not be as cute or maybe made as well]

    What do you all think of clutches, do you think this is overpriced or am I being sensitive ? lol..
  2. I think it depends on how long your planning on using the clutch and what your using it for. If it's a seasonal thing then you don't need to pay that much. But I think I would invest in some good basic colors/styles (i.e. black, silver, gold, red). Colors that would go with a lot of different outfits so you'll have more use of it.
  3. Yea thats true.. thanks!
  4. Just like a purse, it all depends on style, materials, how well made it is, and what you're using it for. I'd pay more for something I know I would use a lot vs. something I'd probably only use for one event, or a nice leather clutch vs. nylon, or even if I just really loved the style, if it's a day clutch vs. an evening clutch, etc.
  5. It is only because of the buckle but you can probably dress it up.