1. I have a formal party I was justed invited to for NYE. I was thinking of getting a Gucci clutch. How do you guys like them? I've only bought like hobo bags from Gucci. So, was wondering what you guys thought of their clutches and more structed bags. Thanks!
  2. When I was trying evening clothes on, the SA gave me some clutches to choose and I really liked them - the crystal clutch is a great deal at $495 US (current F/W collection). I've been thinking of getting one as well, I kind of need a clutch - I currently use this small black patent Prada nylon bag as an evening bag!
  3. you guys NEEDDDDDDDDDDD the crystal clutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love mine!
  4. Cool, I'm going to orser one off the website.
  5. gucciabbey
    i know this isn't part of thread but i couldn't help myself i love your avatar
  6. Hehe, thanks! It's a photo I took of the pattern on my script Abbey (cruise '07).

    Luvednotspoiled, do you have any pics of your crystal clutch? Would love to see it!
  7. I have one too and I LOVE it. My favorite clutch of all time. So classy and cute. I attached pictures but they do not do it justice...
    DSC01350.JPG DSC01351.JPG
  8. ^^^So pretty. I love it.
  9. I have never seen the crystal clutch in my local gucci - but the boutique is as small as a shoe box. It's hot......
  10. what about the horsebit hobo clutch anyone have pics?