Clutches from Hermes Spring 07 Line

  1. Hi ladies. Does anyone know the proper "name" of these gorgeous clutches? Oh... they're so chic & TDF!!:love:
    Hermes Spring 07 black clutch.jpg Hermes Spring 07 brown clutch.jpg
  2. Mine! Mine! That's what they're called...
  3. Oh Lordy they are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the brown one!!!! Major drool over here......major drool!

    HG, do you know anything about these babies?????
  4. Love the black one! It would great with matching belt....
  5. :nuts: Oh my gosh....Love!
  6. Ooooh, they are NICE!:love:
  7. I like shopmom's kelly elan better. :drool:
    these are really nice but sizewise a bit too big and too long for me.
  8. Wow, anyone know the name? I LOVE it!
  9. Oh, I'm such a gonner! TDF! I want the black!
  10. Don't know the name but it's got the collier de chien hardware. I'll hazard a guess and say it's going to have the same name or be dog-related.
  11. le pettite sac de collier du chien ?:nuts: :shrugs: :lol:
  12. Me too, that elan is TDF:love: . These are great too but a bit to long for me.
  13. love the red one!!!
  14. OMG I love the black one! Name? Price? Just another reason for me to get the matching bracelet I suppose!
  15. Clutch de chien? Sac longue de chien? Clutch de barque (bark)?
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