Clutches / clutches on sale

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  1. Let's talk clutches

    What are my chanches finding an giant traveler, plain traveler (does that excist?), giant clutch, oval clutch(is it still avail or discontinued?), or any rather big clutch at all really; on sale in london, in really early july? And how much could i fit into those? And what's the retail? Aaaand, does anyone have pictures, actually wearing them, so i can see the size?
  2. how much is the pochette?
  3. BUMP

    clutches, people!
  4. the title of this thread got me so excited - until i read what you were looking for!:confused1:
    i'm looking for the same thing, hopefully someone can lend a hand.
  5. I don't think you can find them anywhere on sale. But, then again, London tends to have tons of Bbag sales. I know Balenciaga Paris has an ocal clutch or two still left. has the giant clutch with wrist strap at a slightly discounted price. Not sure about the Pochette.

    I've developed an obsession with Balenciaga accessories lately myself. I currently own the giant traveller and the oval and plan on getting a flat clutch with giant hardware. They are so much fun to have and use.
  6. $695
  7. i dont know....when there is something i like...i call and email around. i asked or post threads....if there is a response, good...if none, i reasearch for and email around for more infos.

    like when iCB made the thread about oval clutch, i emailed BalNY and got my nice lilac.

    i always look for deals at Deals & Steals thread. im sure if there are deals somewhere..members already posted them...but i would never ever bugged them to look one for me:tdown:

    thanks ICB for your extended courtesy.
  8. :nogood::nogood::nogood:
  9. Of course.:okay:

    I'm getting ready to start the :nuts:Pochette craze! Since I want Bal NY to keep ordering this style season after season!
  10. I was in NM today and saw the oval clutch in Natural , it was lovely
  11. It's Greige...Oval was discontinued after FW 06.