1. Does anyone have any pictures of the clutch, and people carrying it? thanks!! also, does anyone know how much they cost?
  2. Sure here you go:

    Magenta clutch & Turquoise 04 clutch

    box+clutch_magenta2.jpg bturq04clutchsm.jpg clutch_magenta1.jpg
  3. Thanks! Do you use yours much? The turquoise is fab!! and how much were they, if you dont mind me asking?
  4. cool ;)
  5. I love the clutches!!! They are so great! I use one of mine for receipts and the other for make-up!
  6. For me, personally, I don't use the Clutch size much. I prefer the Box/City bags, because I have so much junk :P I bought the Clutches with the intention of using them for dinners, etc.. but never really got around to actually using them for that purpose!

    But many use them to hold makeup, or as a little bag when you're just out on an errand. And I know a few ladies that use it as a makeup pouch to pop into their City or larger bags :smile:
  7. The clutches are like "mini me's" of Bbags! LOL They're so cute! I wish I could have every color!
  8. i have a question... is the clutch the same size as the pochette style but just doesn't have the little shoulder strap? does anyone have both styles so i can see a comparison? i'm thinking that a rouge vif clutch is a very interesting combination...
  9. OMG! I LOVE that magenta clutch! I would buy that in a heartbeat if I could find one! gorgeous!