Clutch with Zodiac Birthstones

  1. What is this lovely enamel-material clutch called, and does anyone know what season it is from? I think it is so pretty! :heart:

  2. Wow, I've never seen that before. Sorry I don't have any info, I just thought it was really cool. I bet it's quite expensive.
  3. remember reading somewhere that it was the zodiac clutch and it was something like $5000.00
  4. wow, that's so cool!
  5. dat's a rare gem, never seen this at all!

    Where u get this pic from??
  6. It's from Paris-Monte Carlo 2007/08, the Metiers D'art collection.

    This is quite pricey as it's crafted by Haute Couture artisans from Paraffection, a company that gathers 5 companies, Desrues for ornamentation, Lemarié for feathers and camellias, Lesage for embroideries, Massaro for shoes, and Michel for millinery. Paraffection is usually used for Chanel's Haute Couture collections only, but Karl Lagerfeld created a Pret-a-Porter collection in December 2003 called the Metiers D'art. It's basically a collection of ready to wear made by Haute Couture artisans. Each December the Chanel team would travel to a certain country to showcase this collection. Paris in 2003, Tokyo in 2004, New York in 2005, Monte-Carlo in 2006 and the latest one was in London, called the Paris-Londres Collection.

    The Metiers D'art collection is available at Chanel Boutiques in June every year, before Pre-fall.

    Hope that answers your question.
  7. Thanks for that explanation!! So interesting indeed. Sooo, any intel on what they're doing for this June?
  8. Wow. That bag is crazy! I wouldn't spend that much on THAT bag, (it's not my cup of tea) but I have to admit it IS cool!!!
  9. Tory Burch took this clutch to the Chanel's Night of Diamonds Dinner earlier in Jan 2008

  10. Agyness Deyn also has one - but it seems this comes with a chain
  11. It's gorgeous. I've never seen it before.
  12. how fun it is on a chain!
  13. Thanks girls for the pics, and peace for the info! :flowers: The celeb girls carry it very well!

    Celia, I found the pic while Googling Chanel bags :smile:

    Yah, it is out of my price range... by about $4000. :p