Clutch with Shoulder Strap

  1. i'm looking for a black leather clutch with a looong gold shoulder strap, preferably thin. have any of you spotted anything like this? i'd appreciate ANY recommendations! thanks :heart:
  2. IMPRESSION carries some.
  3. in this case, you have to go for the classic Chanel. i use mine all the time, it's a quilted, black smooth leather, east/west bag with a removable chain strap. it's timeless.
  4. ooh milton that sounds lovely. do you have a picture of it?
  5. Check out Kooba Haydon (JC Madison or Kooba website). This is an awesome bag!
  6. [​IMG]
    i found a pic of it in burgandy. you can unhook the strap and wrap it under the flap to make it shorter, you can also make it a wrist strap or take the chain off completely.
  7. oh i love it! it's exactly the kind of size and proportion i'm looking for... do you know if they made it in black with gold hardware? and do you think it's still available? i have something kind of like that but in an off-white color and the regular quilted pattern..
    do you happen to have a style number or anything? i'm definitely going to look into this asap!
  8. just took a look at the kooba... really cute too! the gold color looks very nice.
    the original bag that sparked my interest in this style was kate bosworth's black miu miu bag. it's like a clutch with a long thing gold chain strap. it's adorable, but it's about two seasons old, so not much hope there
  9. I agree! You can never go wrong with Chanel!
  10. if the classic flap chanel is thick,(you said thin), chanel also makes the so-called 'wallet purse' it is thin, you have to search for the one in gold, cause they reissued it in silver hardware, it is not quilted but the caviar leather is tdf! only $900, you can detach chain & shorten chain...
  11. I love the Chanel clutches - they are such a classic and go with everything - I vote Chanel also!!
  12. do you want a strap or a chain? or does it matter?
  13. the one i have is black with gold. this is a style that they always have, but i don't have a style #.