Clutch with or without shoulder strap? Please give me your opinion.

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  1. I have an evening event to attend. I want to get a clutch because I like the look of them. There will be cocktails and food and I anticipate there I will mostly be standing. Am I better off getting a clutch that has a shoulder strap? If I could get one without that would open up a lot more options as clutches with straps are harder to find, but I don't know if holding a clutch under the arm is too cumbersome. I will probably not want to put my bag down. What would you recommend or what have you done for similar situations?
  2. What about one with a wristlet strap (preferably detachable)?
  3. I love wristlets. If I'm using a clutch, I want it to have a small strap that fits easily in the bag so I have the option of keeping my hands free should I need that. I think that would really help you at the event you are attending.
  4. I like to have a wrist strap when it comes to clutches. I don't really need one any more's gotten to the point where if I DON"T have a clutch under my arm I feel awkward.
  5. I personally prefer clutches to be without any strap (wrist or shoulder) just because I feel like those completely change the appeal of the clutch.
  6. Your best bet is to go with a clutch that has a thin hide able shoulder strap for just in case. If your holding a hors d'oeuvre and wine you wont want to feel like your about to drop something, or if you decide to dance sometimes its nice to use the strap. I'm not fond of the small clutch with strap for all occasions, but one that's easily hidden and looks like a cute clutch 99% of the time is a good investment.

    Just my opinion though...:P
  7. ^^I totally agree Virenda!
  8. I agree....want to be able to be hands free and hide strap or chain when not using
  9. I would prefer a shoulder strap because sometimes a clutch swinging from my wrist while I have something in hand would get in the way, not to mention look a little bit clumsy.
  10. No straps!! It's gonna get tricky, but clutches have to be hand held. They look so chic like that.
  11. I agree wih anilumagloire. By definition, shouldn't a "clutch" be hand held?