Clutch with Chain Owners - how are they holding up?

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  1. i'm thinking of getting a CWC, but worried about how they are holding up? I worry that the chain isn't attached well to the bag. I plan on using mine mostly as a shoulder bag. Can any owners of the bag give input on the bag and how it is holding up after use?
  2. I don't own one but have seen photos of well used ones. It depends on how it's used. If you carry it more often as a clutch with chains tucked in there will be less bunching at the top corners of the bag because the chain pulls there, especially if you carry heavy things. I considered getting one but decided not to for that reason. Though, I love the look of it, I wished the chain part was thicker. If you are planning on a bag to wear on shoulder a med classic flap might be better. Maybe someone else who has owned it before can offer more input, but I hope this helps!
  3. gymangel, similar to you I am also planning too for a CWC and the information that I have read here at tPF in the past is only positive. Many members are using their CWCs as shoulder bags and the only concern was that the bag is pretty flat and it would bulge easily even if you include inside just a sunglass case. This does not bother me as I plan to use mine primarily as a clutch bag.
    The CWC is the "golden middle" in size between the M/L and Jumbo and therefore attractive for many. There was a separate thread dedicated to the CWC, I believe in the Chanel Shopping section so you can research there as well.
  4. I've had the Clutch flap/CWC for a couple of years now and have used it as both a clutch and a shoulder bag. I agree with the comments above that it holds up great as long as you do not overload the bag or put anything too bulky to weigh down the chain. I would use the Chanel yen wallet because it's flat, throw in my keys and my phone and that's it. You can store more in there but I don't recommend it.
    I also noticed that the newer lambskin versions are definitely "thicker", "sturdier" and more structured compared to the lamb from first couple of seasons (it was introduced in 11A). Mine is in patent so therefore more structured to begin with. Hth!:smile:

  5. I do not use the chain much at all (my SA even advised me not to becaue it is only attached by a small piece of material). If you are wanting to use is as a shoulder bag mainly I would reconsider....I am sure a trustworthy SA will tell you the same. Just my opionion
  6. thanks for your input. didn't really want to spend the extra 2K for a m/l flap lol.

    well that's too bad. perhaps a mini would be a better choice for me then.
  7. Hi there. I initially bought a black caviar CWC instead of the M/L because it was so much cheaper and i thought it would work the same for my use. I absolutely loved it at first .But the more i used it the more i realised i wanted a M/L. The clutch is beautiful but i did feel the chain struggled with a wallet, phone, keys, tissues and a few make up bits. As a clutch it worked well but the chain couldnt really hold the weight and i was worried it would snap/ ruin the leather on the sides (you will see when look at the bag - the chain is attached similar as a WOC so it can 'indent the leather' if too much weight is on it). I also didnt like how large it was for a clutch, its thin but height and width its just smaller than a jumbo - so on the shoulder with a very thin strap it looks a little awkward plus im fairly short. If the strap was thicker it would be better. Again its a personal preference. But i ended up selling it and bought the M/L which i orignally wanted anyway. But i dont regret buying the CWC - it great was a learning experience.
  8. Noted!! I have the same concerns so I haven't got a CWC yet!