clutch.....which one?????

  1. I REALLY want a clutch...not sure which one though...I have more of a classic style although the Medor is interesting. Which one should I consider? Are they readily available? I don't live near an H store...have a regular SA though...but just wonder...don't know why I can't get this 'out of my mind' but am 'clutch' addictive right now:yahoo: :roflmfao: :wlae:
  2. I love the kelly clutches.
  3. Medor. It's hot!!!
  4. ^^^ yes, and also consider the Maharani...lovely
  5. which was the one we saw tonight rose? the maharani? it was stunning.
  6. SCP had a rose dragee JPG Kelly elan in stock last week...very pretty!

  7. Yes, that's the one we saw, fabulous, just the right color for YOU!
  8. lol. yes it was. sigh.
  9. What color, H?
  10. it was raisin. box i think. right?

    sorry for the hijack.
  11. Hmmm...sounds nice! I tried that clutch in rouge H in SF...almost...

    So, LOL, back to topic...

    JPG Kelly
    JPG Kelly Elan

    JPG/Kelly is probably most "classic"???
  12. i told rose i don't have a clutch life. she told me i can get one if i want. lol.

    i love the jige!
  13. H...I so get what you mean...I don't have a clutch life either... I mean...if it can't sit on the bar at happy hour w/ no splash was not meant to be... Kelly is happy to hang from her strap off the bag of my chair if need be... And togo does not complain if it must rest under the seat in front of me on a plane...
  14. I agree...JIGE is the best for a more casual life!
  15. Is there any place that I can see pics of the different clutch styles? I do love the Medor but just wonder about those two parts that jut out..