Clutch what ya think?

  1. I bought this a few weeks ago and forgot to post. Its really cute and I am dying to wear it. Got it at NM Last Call, retail was $385 and I ended up getting it for $150. Do you guys like it?


    Its a pretty large (long) clutch. About 12 x 5 x 3
  2. i like the shape, not the colour though :p
  3. I love it...its a great evening bag! Silver and gold are HOT right now!! Actually they never seem to go out of stlye in my world.
  4. You need a 'moment' for that bag!
  5. Love the shape and color....I agree with sunshine...its a great evening clutch....doesnt looks like it hold enough though....
  6. I agree with everyone else, It is a nice shape :yes:
  7. The metallics are really in style now. Nice for evening. I check those sales and never seem to find anything nice. Good for you--great deal!
  8. I like it. Clutches are very "in" for Spring. I like this anyway for a night out.
  9. Its a pretty large clutch. I can hold ALOT in it. Cellphone, makeup, its got a nice interior zippered compartment for money and id. Etc. I am looking forward to using it! :smile:
  10. It's very cute! I love the little crown on it!!!:queen: :cutesy: :king:
  11. It's quite unusual and will make a great accent to the perfect outfit. Even though it's too dressy for me, I like it.
  12. I like how there is both gold AND silver on the clutch - makes it more versatile. Not my taste but I do like it.
  13. Love the bag! It's beautifu!
  14. Selena

    I really like it. I'm a big clutch fan and that one is so nice with its coloring. Metallics are in as well so another great bonus on top of a great price
  15. Thanks Guys! Now i have to figure out when I am going to wear it! :smile: