clutch wallet.. which color?

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  1. so, my Violet Crinkle is not expected to be in until April.


    i was given some other choices... if you had your choice of the following colors, which would you choose?

    tango red (but i already have a tango red lido)


    tan crinkle patent

    grey zeus

    or wait for Violet Crinkle?
  2. Id probably wait for the vcp if thats the color I really wanted...but I also like the tan and the grey
  3. I received the same call today and was offered indigo, black or goldrush. I chose to wait for the VCP...At this rate though, I seriously doubt they'll ever show up, but I'm hoping!
  4. I love the VCP so I would probably wait for that. The tcp is also pretty, and of course grey is always a great classic color. I tend to like brightly colored wallets so that is why I would wait for the VCP.
  5. I've got the TCP in the Pilot, and adore it. It's almost impervious to grime, and is such a deep, rich, honey color.
  6. I think that the tan crinkle patent is one of the prettiest color/leathers that HH has made.
  7. GZ or TCP... have both and I just love them IRL..
  8. I mailed a VCP clutch back last Monday night. I don't think it's been received yet. I liked it but it was too small for all my stuff.
  9. I sure love my ICP Pilot, never gets dirty nor does it show any wear. However, I would be tempted, quite tempted by the GZ.
  10. I love my VCP and TCP wallets. I just love the crinkle patents on the clutch wallets.
  11. I'd go for either TCP or GZ.
  12. Wow that is a tough decision. I have a Lagoon clutch wallet and a Black Zeus one. I honestly think that the BZ is easier to care for. I love the Lagoon color, but from now on, I'll likely not get the matte leathers for items that are handled as much as wallets. I know that doesn't help you out any, LOL, but as I really prefer the bright color of the Lagoon. I'd likely be inclined to get wait for the VCP or even get the TCP.
  13. That's a tough call. I guess I would be inclined to wait for the VCP, although I also love the TCP. I really want the VCP myself, but I've bought 3 wallets in the last month and it's a little outrageous at this point. Do you have any other VCP items?
  14. That is tough! I think (because I'm so impatient...) I'd probably choose TCP though...
  15. I have the tango red and it is GORGEOUS - the printed lining really makes a difference.

    Also, I prefer the matte leather because it is so soft and squishy - just delectable to touch!