CLUTCH w GGH~info on the wristlet vs envelope

  1. I currently have a violet envelope clutch w SGH. I am interested in the clutch with the wrist-strap. What is the difference in price and size between the envelope and the version with the wrist-strap ( I don't know the style name)?

    And, have you seen any black or sahara wristlet clutches in GGH?
    THANKS in advance~:yes:
  2. There was a black wristlet with GSH on eBay recently. It may still be there. I think the envelope is 8 x 11. I think retail for it is 945? The wristlet is pretty big also if I remember correctly. Did you check the reference section? Maybe someone will come along soon who will have more information for you.
    Good luck
  3. I'm so jealous - you have a violet clutch - please post a pic - I'd love to see it with GSH.
  4. There were a couple other colors in the flat clutch on e**y as well, but be sure and check them out in the authentic this thread as I'm no expert on whether they are real or not - I seem to remember they were both light colors.

  5. SUZZEEE~ here is pic of my violet envelope w sgh-I LOVE it! Def go for a bright color!!


  6. beautiful!!!!!!!
    hehe i have one as well!!
  7. Here is my GGH flat clutch, excuse the crappy picture but I couldn't get the numbering on the measuring tape to come up when I used the flash. It is a full 8 1/2" x 11", the same size as a sheet of paper. It looks so much smaller than that in photos but it really is pretty big for a clutch!

    I think the retail price is close to (if not the same as) the envelope clutch.
    flat clutch.JPG
  8. THANKS ashshopstoomuch!! That clutch is gorgeous!! :love: I want one with GGH!!!
  9. You're welcome! I first saw it on the Celeb/BBag thread and had to have it!
  10. Love the clutch!!! great color..
  11. here's a size comparison of enve and wristlet. i believe the enve is a bit more expensive. oh how i miss my violet :crybaby:but she went to a good home!!
    Vert fonce PT sgh 152 (Medium).jpg

  12. THANK you Mabli!! That is a great comparison!:smile: