cLuTcH w/ ChAiN in D CoLoR oF LoVe~ 1sT ReVeaL

  1. Yummy color.
    I love it. :3
  2. Such a pretty red and love the gold HW!! Congrats and thanks for coming out of your shell and doing your first reveal!
  3. what a lovely vibrant color~!!
  4. thank you everyone 4 stopping by and sharing my joy :woohoo: on my newest baby :loveeyes: i can only share my excitement to all you Lovely People here :coolio: it is definitely a pretty ReD :love: i will post more pics including d style code when i get a chance. Price is $2600 plus tax. Thanks everyone!!! :happydance:
  5. goodluck in ur search for d 12a red i have a feeling u will definitely love :hbeat: this color once you see it irl because my poor iphone pics do not do justice to it. any style in this color is a great addition 2 your collection :tup:
  6. i appreciate you gals stopping by :ty:... i'm still a lil' shy but the welcome & support helps me alot:blush: i admit its so fun 2 have encouragement with like minded PuRsE addicts like Me :hugs::flowers::blush:
  7. I love it! Congrats! I am on the Waitlist too!
  8. Love love the red. Beautiful (^_^) model pic please
  9. OMG!!How pretty!!!Congrats!
  10. GORGEOUS!!! I think that I am going to track one down... do you happen to know what the product code is for this 12A red??? I'm SO in LOVE!
  11. LOVE your RED clutch w/chain! It's a great way to add a bold color to your outfit and collection.
  12. Congratulations, what a stunning color. It is absolutely beautiful.
  13. OMG, the red is so beautiful! Congrats! :biggrin:
  14. Which red is brighter or darker 12a or 12c
  15. Love the bag