cLuTcH w/ ChAiN in D CoLoR oF LoVe~ 1sT ReVeaL

  1. Gorgeous color and clutch. If you had not told me it was a clutch, I would have thought it was a flap bag! Can you tell me the size of this, or perhaps model pics so I can see how big or small this bag is? Would you be able to put a long wallet in it? Thanks!
  2. Yes! There it is! I wondered how beautiful it would be as a clutch with chain!! Congratulations and it is a lovely reveal!
  3. thanks ;)

    unfortunately i dnt have the dimensions of this. it is a lil' bit thinner than d ml but with no double flap i think u can put a yen wallet inside :biggrin: hth

    thanks i was enabled by ur reveal and pursebops and it is really a nice perfect shade of red :hbeat::love:
  4. is another one in the horizon?!:idea: maybe?. hehehe :graucho:this red is beautiful it is a shiny red caviar. so yummy :love::loveeyes:
  5. Very pretty! Congrats!
  6. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this reveal and enjoy your new bag.
  7. thanks for sharing my excitement :smile:
  8. indeed ;) i will thank u :flowers:
  9. Beautiful! Congrats!
  10. Oooooooo! That is so pretty! I want a clutch with chain and this red seems perfect.

    Congrats! Mod pics for us to drool? :smile:
  11. Beautiful!!! Can I ask how much this clutch is?? I am deciding on the m/l or jumbo but I am loving this clutch too!!!
  12. I hope so!!! I am just dying to have something in that color! I was at NM a couple weeks ago and my SA had just sold a flap in that red and that was the only bag she had in that gorgeous red!! Waaaaahhhh!!!!!
  13. that it beautiful! I've never even seen that before. may I ask how much it is and the style code so i can put it on my wishlist?

  14. Congratulations! Your bag is gorgeous! Love the red!
  15. Wow that red is divine! Hope to see some mod pics soon. :smile: