Clutch VS Jewelry

  1. My good friend uses the (GM?) cosmetic pouch as a clutch like bag! It's really cute and somehow she placed one of this season's MKors Fox tail key chain(?) or decore(?) to spice it up. We went out for dinner yesterday and I was like I'm stealing that idea! It fits an iPhone and cards and money and what not.
  2. I was thinking of using it for my cellphone, keys, cards, and fountain pens when
    I don't feel like fill my pockets to the brim.
  3. I bought two kusama mono cosmetic pouches (one blue and one red) and I'm using them as little clutch!!! They fit a lot...surprisingly!! I put in cell phone,car keys,small wallet and a bit of make up!!! Love the idea!!!
  4. Do you know if an LV pm agenda would fit in?
  5. i will measure and see if it will fit and report back to you!!!:biggrin:
  6. Thanks :smile: :cool: