CLUTCH.. total newbie here, would this suit my needs?

  1. If I wanted something to hold my MJ key pouch (slightly bigger then a coach skinny), razr phone, nano, and a lipgloss, would this work out well for me?
  2. mini-classique.jpg mini-twiggy1.jpg
  3. wow these styles are adorable!
  4. I saw the Oval clutch in chocolate color at Susan's yesterday and I must say that I like the style. It opens wide and can definitely fit your contents and then some! You should check it out if you live near Bal NY.
  5. ^^Thanks all! I totally want to get one of those!!!

    What about the makeup clutch? would that work?
  6. ^^ yeppers, the make-up clutch is great too :cutesy:
  7. oooooo I love this make-up clutch....its gorgeous.
  8. Ahh I think I found my replacement for the MJ zip clutch!
  9. OMG It is so pretty color..May I ask where you purchased that?? I want one too:yes:
  10. LOVE my makeup clutchs. I use mine on weekends when I dont want to carry a bag. It hold my CC's, keys, cell, money, etc. I have it in Rouge and Cornflower. Havent used the Rouge one yet, and I love my cornflower one. Would like to get it in a darker color...maybe black or brown...or INK!
  11. ^^ sadly, it's not mine (check ateliernaff ;))
  12. thanks all!
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