Clutch time - Mandarin Envelope Clutch or Flat Clutch?

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What's the best MANDARIN clutch

  1. Envelope clutch

  2. Flat Clutch w/ wrist strap

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi there,

    My Bbag addiction has started off in full swing... I'd like to get a Mandarin clutch, but I like both the envelope and the flat styles. I gravitated towards the envelope style at first, but then I like the wrist strap on the flat style (is it a touch more practical?)

    All thoughts/opinions welcome!!
  2. Flat Clutch:graucho:
  3. i voted flat clutch b/c it's Mandarin. for some reason i like the envelope clutch in darker colors.
  4. I LOVE the look of the envelope clutch (to be fair... I also weirdly love the look of plain old paper envelopes, too). It's just so sleek! My vote definitely goes to that.

    Also.. it could just be me who does this but even when I have something with a wrist strap, I tend to fully hold the item with my hand most of the time when the strap is around my wrist anyway, so personally for functionality it wouldn't differ much. But I don't know what your habits are, so go with whichever you think you'd get more use out of!
  5. Envelope Clutch for both casual and formal occasions. I love the look of it! Also I don't find it difficult to carry. The shape is flat and longish. So it stays under my arm quite well when I need both hands.

    Because I'm petite, flat clutch looks huge on me. Tho I quite like the simplicity and slight funky look of it!
  6. Oh no! I agree with everyone! :confused1: Thank you so much for your comments!

    Because it's Mandarin, I probably wouldn't use it for formal occasions - just jaunts to the store and shopping - maybe to a night out in the Spring/Summer...
  7. flat clutch since mandarin is like a fun color. i think the envelope clutch looks better with neutrals like black, anthra.
  8. My choice will be flat clutch, i used to own, it's lovely and also i prefer oldies!!~
  9. I think the envelope is easier to use, so I'm going with that one.
  10. Some pics from past *bay auctions just to compare the looks:

    Hmmmm. I just want to eat both of them.
  11. Mandarin Flat Clutch would so totally ROCK!
  12. I don't have either, BUT I really like the look of the envelope clutch. If I had more reasons to use it, that would be the one I'd go for too.

    I think the Flat Clutch has a more casual look and the Envelope more dressy ... so it also depends on what kind of look you're going for.
  13. For a brighter color like Mandarin, my vote goes to the Flat Clutch, too!
  14. another vote for the Flat Clutch! ;D~
  15. I like this answer. LOL.