Clutch time and how not to be George Costanza

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  1. To all the ladies with clutches, especially those who use them during the day time (i.e. ladies who lunch :yes:), I have a few questions.

    First of all, do you find yourself trying to repack only the essentials for your clutch?

    And if you do, what do you pack them into?

    I find that I am getting increasingly embarrassed of stuffing my mammoth wallet into a clutch. It just seems so unlady like. Plus it gets damned heavy carried only by fingers! I am thinking it's definitely time for a new accessory, something small to fit a few cards and some cash, but not too small that it'll be hard to get things in and out of it. I welcome ideas!
  2. i loooove clutches during daytime . i tend to use in my clutch
    - mobile phone
    - compact bearn wallet (fits cards and some cash but is significantly shorter then a normal bearn)
    -a very flat slim make up pochette for lipglass or lipstick,lipbrush,compactpowder and foldable brush
    -slim silver cigarette case and lighter
  3. LMAO! You just crack me up.

    Well, nowadays I am only a lady who lunches about once a month if I'm lucky, but I'll take a stab at this.
    I tend to pack only small essentials into a clutch on those occasions. For me that basically means a compact, lipstick or lip gloss, small phone, a credit card, a few $ bills, and ID. If I think I might need more than that for whatever reason, I pack a second small bag and either leave it in my car, or if I'm in the city I give it to the coat check if there is one where I go. When I lived in the city, though, and didn't have a car, I sometimes would put the extras into a nice but small shopping bag (like the size you get at H with a small purchase). That way, I had my cute clutch, my cute outfit, and a nice little shopping bag that didn't look out of place.

    Oh and one other thing...I never put a wallet into a clutch, personally, but maybe that's just cause my wallets are too big/my clutch bags are too small. Maybe a compact Bearn, or even a PM agenda would work?
  4. To both lilach and Cynthia, I see no mentioning of keys? I have three sets of keys on me during day time, car keys, house keys and office keys. All of which can not be trimmed down (the office set has 7 keys!) further and together they create real bulk. Sigh.

    I will check out the compact bearn.
  5. When I grow up, I want to be Lilach.
  6. oh i see i do not carry keys so sorry i have no idea how to accomodate these sorry
  7. I REALLY want to be Lilach!!!!!!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: no you don´t it is a pain to be me (especially in the morning) but ya know someone has to do this job
  9. LOL - I'll be your sidekick, then!!!!!
  10. Yes no kidding. Now I just want to tie those keys to my ankle and jump into the the next river. :rolleyes:
  11. Can you have ONE key that will open all the doors in your house? That's what we did with ours.
  12. tods123,
    i just leave my house keys in the car and take along one car key!
  13. Ah, yes, keys. I forgot them. I only have a car key, which I usually have given to a valet or the garage attendant. Or DH drove, if we're going to dinner--and he has given his to the valet. I don't carry house keys.
    I don't have the big old janitor bundle of keys ;) I'm not that important. LMAO!

    No, seriously, when I lived in the city I never locked my doors (gasp!) because we had 24 hour doormen and an attended elevator, with a private elevator landing for our apartment. Here in the country, I don't carry house keys; we have other arrangements which I don't want to divulge.
  14. Actually the house set is not bad. We do have only one key that opens the doors, and a mailbox key. The problem with that set is all the little keychain-sized membership cards.. Urg, such american consumerism. Indeed maybe I can do something about those.
  15. tods, when i want to use something slimmer than my fat wallet i just put a little cash + a card in my Clarisse PM. It's perfect for the smallest clutch! BTW, i also sometimes just take my car key off the rest of the keys to take with me.