Clutch suggestions?

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  1. I'm looking at clutches for my daughter-in-law's birthday in Feb. When I look at online stores, Lauren Merkin seems to come up frequently. Anyone have one? Opinions on her purses or other clutches? My dil doesn't like large bags or anything fancy--she's very practical with her bags and isn't really into designer names, no logos, just function. Thanks!
  2. I don't know why I don't own not even ONE clutch! I can't figure it out! I need to have both my hands shoulder bags and satchels for I can't help here! I think this thread will be very interesting, though.....
  3. ^^^Me too! I could never use a clutch as a daytime bag. She carries hardly anything with her.
  4. Hi boxermom, are you willing to consider non-leather clutches?
  5. Yes, if it's a material that is ok for daytime. I wouldn't think satin or lace, etc. would be practical for daytime use.
  6. Lauren Merkin is the queen of clutches. Celebs carry her bags all the time. They're available at Neimans, or if you go to, you can see dozens of fabric/leather choices. I own this one in silver below.

    If you want to go higher-end, I adore this Nancy Gonzalez black crocodile clutch. I use it time and again for dressy events!

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  7. passerby...You ought to be a Personal Shopper. You are soo helpful in always finding things for someone else, yet never mention yourself or your own bags. I think that's great.

    On clutches...I LOVE so many clutches to look at, and I agree with boxermom about the daytime shopping. But also - what do you all do with clutches at a stand-around cocktail party? You have your drink in one hand, your plate in another. So where does the clutch fit into this picture? I'd drop one. (or in my case - all three!) Clue me in here, please.
  8. RowanOak, thanks for the kind words. I don't mention my bags because I hardly have any. Until a year ago, I didn't have any interest in bags at all (and I'm now 51). Maybe it's menopause? :smile:
  9. I never would've guessed you're 51 passerby! You're so hip!
    Anyway, I like Lauren Merkin, but you should check out places like They tend to have a lot of cute casual clutches. The Kooba Penelope clutch is really cute too.
  10. Nerdphanie, thanks for the lovely compliment - it's especially gratifying considering the fact that I am your typical Singaporean "auntie" :smile:

    Another non-logo clutch from Etsy:

    Etsy :: Gray Pinstripe Clutch

  11. I love clutches and I carry them for daytime use. Just not really fancy looking ones.

    personally, not a big Laura merkin fan though.
  12. I don't know what price you are considering, but I am in love with Chanel's newest clutch. If you look on that forum you will see photos.
  13. Thank you all for some good ideas--I will explore them all. Passerby-both of those are great--I would like them myself, if I carried clutches! I'll check into them. nerdphanie-thanks for the tip on and the Kooba. lulilu-don't know why I didn't think of the Chanels, because I gave my sister one last year and she adores it. That's another avenue.Compass Rose --I'll check the Lauren Merkin site, too. Maybe too many choices for me to think about!

    This is why I need to come here for help. I've gone thru so many online sites searching and looking at pics, that I'm nearly cross-eyed right now. Your ideas help me focus. I always get help when I need it from you all!:flowers:
  14. NilsaFashionCouture
    Etsy :: Black chic clutch


    Size: 14" long,5.5" tall, 10" opening.