Clutch, Strap vs. Strapless


Nov 3, 2007
I am obsessed with clutches. If you know how to carry a clutch and you don't hide it, I think it really accessorizes your outfit, brings great attention to beautiful hands and nails, etc. I was putting all my purses into my closet yesterday and I realized I have about 10 different clutches that I hardly use though.

What do you think is bettter? A clutch w/ a strap or one that is strictly handheld? I don't know if I just don't use my clutches because its easier to carry a larger bag I can put more in or if it becomes a hassle carrying it in my hand everywhere.


wannabe cloggie
Nov 11, 2007
I don't usually use my clutches every day, more as nighttime bags, but for anything from movies to parties. I like to have a strap so I can have both hands free if need be. But, I like a strap to be inconspicuous when I tuck it away. :yes:


Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
For a going out bag I need a strap so I can dance. I have a couple that I can unhook the strap and put around my waist. I have a Kate Spade that has a long chain that can be doubled for carrying on the shoulder or forearm, or used as a long chain on the shoulder or cross body.