Clutch question

  1. Can any of you experts tell me what clutches are produced currently. Is the oval clutch still made? Also, prices and if they have a strap or not would be very helpful.:yes:
    One more thing... do they make most of the new season colors in the clutch style? My Bal SA put me down for one but said she wasn't sure if they were even going to be made in that color.:shrugs:
  2. anyone????
  3. I've seen 3 types:

    1) With Giant HW, zip top, and looped handle
    2) Fold over the top with GH
    3) Oval Clutch - not sure if they make these anymore???
  4. ^ Yep, the Oval Clutch and Aulmoniere (framed with loop handle on top) were only made in '06, but there's a chance some stores may still have some old stock. They even went on sale at some and may be found at discount shops like Filene's Basement or Off Saks.

    Besides those, here are all the clutches I can think of right now:

    1) Giant Hardware Handle Clutch
    2) Giant Hardware Envelope Clutch
    3) Giant Traveler which has tabbed compartments
    4) Pochette rectangular shape w/ flap front
    5) Makeup Clutch
    6) Money Wallet
    7) Large Flat Clutch (discontinued)
    8) Ghost Clutch (discontinued)
    9) Drawstring top Shoe bag
  5. Thanks so much! :flowers:
    Is the pochette rectangular shape (#4 on the list above) the same as the shoulder (looks like the size of an LV pochette) bag? or is the shoulder considered a handbag as opposed to a clutch?
    Ohhh.. I'd love to score a discounted oval clutch!
  6. nope the pochette and the shoulder are completely different. the pochette has no strap (retails for $695) and is completely flat. consequently, it doesn't hold as much and looks a little funny when full. does that make sense? the pochette holds a lot of flat objects but not as many fat ones. i think the shoulder is more of a handbag, it's like the makeup but with straps and has a mirror.

    i have it in vert gazon, sorry for the funky lighting!

    i'm hunting for an oval in a pretty color but i've only seen white at Barneys ny on madison and printemps in paris. bal paris has a emerald one while bal new york has a truffle one. a discounted one sounds amazing! all the ones i found were at full price. :sad:
  7. Thanks so much pluiee! Especially for the photo - that really shows the difference. So, if I wanted a new spring 08 color in a RH clutch my choices would be a pochette, makeup or shoulder? TIA for your help!
  8. yup i think so unless bal has a new RH clutch style. unfortunately most of their new accessories now are GH. :/i would love an oval in the new 08 colors!
  9. Me too! I'm thinking the bright yellow would look so cool in the oval - that would be perfect!
    Did you see the emerald oval in Paris IRL? If so, how was the leather?
  10. omg yes! or even the electric blue..

    yupp i did. it was okay, pretty decent for an 06 but it wasn't that spectacular if you know what i mean! the white that printemps had was actually smooshier.
  11. Thanks "P" you rock! Where you been lately? Busy w/school? What are you getting from the spring 08 collection? I think you need a EB something!
  12. I posted some pics of my envelope clutch with GGH in the reference forum. It measures 12 x 7 and can hold as much as a First:smile:
    It has no strap but it looks really cool:yes:

    I can fit in: LV zippy coin purse, business card holder, cellphone, make-up, pens, tissues, gum, and there is still room for more... I'm not sure how much it costs - bought it in Manila where it costs much more than US retail. I hope this helps.
    balclutch.jpg Balcl2.jpg balcl3.jpg balcl4.jpg
  13. Oh.. I love the Envelope clutch soooooo much:love::love::love:!!!!! I must have this baby! The oval cluth is gorgeous too!!
  14. does anyone know if bal is producing the pochette for spring?