clutch question

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  1. i'm interested in buying a chanel clutch but i'm not sure which one to get, so I was wondering if you ladies could help me!! do you think i should purchase the chanel timeless clutch or a different chanel clutch? thanks!
  2. The timeless clutch is just amazing. Can't go wrong with it.
  3. depends on your price ranGE AND NEEDS.
    CTUALLY, i DID! lol!

    crap, stupid CAPS lock!
  4. i really like the timeless clutch.

  5. I always thought the timeless clutch was gorgeous but not for me until I purchased one in black caviar. I'm a mom of a 4 yr old and did not think it would work due to not having a strap. Well I still purchased it and I totally love my clutch. It's a great purchase!
  6. I purchased the Timeless in caviar. It is IMO more durable than the beautiful lambskin style. I haven't used mine yet. Everytime I think about returning it...2 things come to mind. (1) I really LOVE it and (2) I read thru the PF that this is one of the styles that will increase in price.

    I did however find that when I took out all the tissue stuffing, it became a bit flat/squishy. (hmm, not enough junk in the trunk??) I asked my SA about this and he said that ALL clutches (minus the hard types) are like that.
    Anyone else have this issue/problem? TIA
  7. I just received mine in patent and it does become flat when I took the tissue out. When I tried the caviar at the boutique, it is not as flat. It doesn't bother me though.

    Btw, I saw a bubble quilt clutch with detachable chain in Bloomingdales yesterday. It is cute but it wouldn't fit as much as the timeless clutch.
  8. Definitely timeless clutch. Have seen some other Chanel clutches and IMO the timeless clutch is the most gorgeous one!
  9. I also love the timeless clutch i have it in white caviar and silver python.. I aso have the mademoiselle clutch in black which is my favourite as that was really difficult to come by!
  10. I want a timeless clutch so bad!
    I'm going to order it in white & black in a few weeks time.
  11. Good for you - you will love them. :smile:

    I have the white caviar...very pretty bag and durable.
  12. Timeless clutch gets my vote without a doubt!
  13. another vote for timeless clutch... all colors are gorgeous!!!
  14. definitely the timeless clutch. I love mine !
  15. Timeless clutch speaks for is timeless!