Clutch Pricing

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  1. Hi TPF'er!! Anybody koes the retail of the below. I found it on eBay.

  2. The retail price of this one was in 2005 355 euro and that is 521 us dollars.
    So it s a large bit over retail the one on *-bay, because i think this one is from 2004??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Good Luck and it looks lovely.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  3. She is obviously selling above what the retail price was in 2004 when this turquoise came out, which is not all that unusual. It comes down to making a decision as to how much you want something, within reason. I'm not sure you can still get the handle clutch with regular hardware, like a brand new current season one, so that is one factor to consider. Also, it is an older bag in new condition, which is a plus. And it is a color that has been highly sought after. You might find a more used one for less, or you could pay close to that price and get a current one with GH. Or make a best offer?
  4. You know it's funny.... I've been wanting a clutch so badly, and I know there's one on eBay for $999, but I just can't justify that much for a clutch. I have no idea how much it retails for. I wanted it so badly that I dreamt that the price on the auction went down to like $500, and fxvanleeuwen just said that it retails for $521. haha. I rarely ever see that kind of clutch on Ebay. And no where else sells it right? Discontinued right? I'm not really into the GH clutches though.