Clutch Price in London

  1. Hi, I know someone has stated the price somewhere in this forum but I just couldn't find it, so excuse me for asking these questions again...

    As my girlfriend just told me she will be spending a week long business trip in London, I thought she could help me bring back a Timeless Clutch... pfers in London, could you tell me the price of the black caviar clutch in London?

    And apart from the usual black caviar clutch, does the London boutique has other seasonal clutches, like the patent or the red caviar?

    How many % of tax refund can a foreigner gets?

    Thanks so much in advance for answering my questions. :smile:
  2. just to make sure the timeles clutch is the one that we've seen Ashley/Mary Kate Oslen and Vic Beckham holding right?

    i think that is about £500. our tax rate is 17.5% so your friend should be able to get that back.

    i've seen the perforated one in heathrow Term 3 in Feb this yr.
  3. kaka if you see a red let me know!

    Impossible I know!

    Worth a try though
  4. i will. i'm off to chanel in a week time i will ask for you.
  5. black would do too Kaka - so annoying being stuck here in Edinburgh at times!

    Thanks sooo much
  6. Hi girls, I bought one in white lambskin in Heathrow Term3 in May for less than 450.
    Currently, Selfridges, Bond St and Sloane only have them in black lambskin and black satin.
    Hope this helps. I'll def let u know if new colours come in.
  7. Thanks kaka28, yes, I am looking for the price for the timeless clutch in black Caviar :
    blk caviar clutch.jpg

    If the lambskin is less than 450 pounds, then I would think the caviar is less, anyone know the exact price? And I presume the prices quoted here are inclusive of the tax?

    If the airport price is better than in London, I might ask my girlfriend to try her luck at the airport.
    Thanks so much
  8. The airport price will be 17.5 percent cheaper than the stores, as it is tax free, so, that would definately be the cheapest way to get one, as they will be full retail in all of the stores. Just be wise and call ahead before she heads back so that you know what is at the airport! ;)
  9. I believe they're closer to £600 in store. That's a fantastic buy at the airport! I really need to book a flight out of Heathrow sometime soon...

    With the tax refund, in my experience the most I've ever received back was 10%. The rest seems to go in "admin" fees!
  10. Thanks Chloe-bebe and ladies.... I will ask my girl friend to call first.

    Anyone know the exact price for the black caviar clutch? as anything above 500 pounds will not be worth while to buy in London, in Hong Kong the caviar clutch is priced at 500 pounds in equivilent.

    Thanks again...
  11. Hi,

    I called up Chanel at Heathrow two days ago, they quoted me 429 pounds for timeless clutch in caviar. Unfortunately no stock at the moment.
  12. Can you order from them or do you have to be flying there?
  13. ^ Yes, you have to be flighing from there..

  14. Hee hee if ony Rosie - they would be cleared out in seconds otherwise
  15. Thanks Katyman, I hope there will have stock this Saturday when my friend is flying out from T3...:smile: