clutch/ pochette lovers, come in please!

  1. I need your opinions! I need a clutch/ pochette to go with my outfit (short heel black boots, black silky look trousers, and top?? not sure yet. I guess something colorful). Everything has to be perfect because the event that I will go is my BEST BEST girl friend's wedding. We are closer than sisters. So I need you guys advise. So far, I am thinking -----

    1. vernis sunset Blvd amarante
    2. vernis sunset Blvd pomme (does it go well with other cloths? eg, black dress)
    3. mono beverly PM
    4. motard pochette (too big as a clutch?)
    5. others (please give me more other choices)

    Thanks a lot! You guys rock:heart::heart::heart:
  2. i like option #1 & 3 :smile:
  3. I like the Sunset Boulevard in pomme for a nice pop of color against black.
  4. Maybe a Monogram Multicolore Pochette for an outstanding bag?

    Or else Option 2 sounds fab, I love pomme! :tup:
  5. I have the motard and it works well as a clutch:tup:
  6. I've struggled for a long time between amarante and pomme. Amarante is very special, it's a drak color which gives a mature look (in a party), but it's not black (a common color). Pomme is definitely a exciting color, it catches people's eyes....
  7. I heart that one for a long time, hehe :girlsigh:

  8. 2. I love Pomme and it will go well with any outfit. How about the Limelight?
  9. My vote is def for number 2. Pomme is a beautiful color and will great with black, brown, white- every color!
  10. woo, so many pomme lovers. hehe~~~ I don't have too much feeling for limelight, but I will think about pomme :yes:

  11. #1 or 2, I love the Sunset Blvd! Good luck deciding!
  12. Definitely #2. My sister has one and I think it's very elegant. Use with black dress and red shoes. Oh gosh, I should've kept it when my sister offered to let me have it :drool:
  13. I like #1 the most.
  14. I'd say #1 or #2.
  15. from the ones listed, i would go with 1 or 2.... but i LOVE the MC shirley. it is discontinued, but you can find a few on eBay.