Clutch on chain - yay or pass?


Jan 8, 2019
Hi all, lately I have been super attracted to the clutch on chain but I am unsure if it is worth the huge price tag or if I should just save the money and buy a proper bag instead. It’s been on / off my wishlist since late last year and would appreciate your thoughts on it. Any reviews for those who have this already would be much appreciated too. Thanks! Also pics fm Insta - what colour would you go for if you bought it?






Pug mom <3
Jun 21, 2021
I feel it's very much a personal preference based on how much you love it and also your type of lifestyle/life habits.

I was very much against mini/nano/tiny bags for a long time. If it doesn't fit my phone, then what's the point? :P I always felt that a bag had to hold at least: a cardholder, my 6 ring key holder with key fob, and my phone.

However, many of the tiny bags I initially saw were very flat, they did not have much depth and could probably just fit a cardholder and a lipstick.

It wasn't until I saw the Moynat nano rejane and fell in love it with! :loveeyes: Too cute! BUT! I held back. Would it really work out for me? Well, tbh, I had never tried. :P
However, the nano rejane was different than some mini bags because it had more depth. It easily fit a cardholder and my 6-ring key holder + car fob without a struggle!
I thought about it for a while. I am on my phone often, and it usually is in my hand. I have an iphone 13 mini because I prefer smaller phones, so it's not difficult to hold.
And so, I went for it, and tbh, it has been one of the best decisions in my bag purchase history!:biggrin: I use it very often. It's small and close to my body, it feels secure. It is also lightweight and hands free! My phone is in a pocket or my hand and I realized I don't mind it like it that much. And of course, it's very cute. :love:

So, yes, if you have never tried a mini/tiny bag before, consider your lifestyle and think about whether it would work for you.
However, if you have tried it before without success, then maybe it is something to admire from afar.


Nov 3, 2017
I have a mini trendy which is basically the same shape/size (the clutch on chain may actually have more depth even) and I use it all the time since it's an easy grab and go bag (basically the same as people who carry around a LV mini pochette or a wristlet as a wallet). I found that I usually keep my phone in my pockets anyway. The only time I put it in a bag is if the bag has a pocket in the back for easy access. When I go shopping, I will usually bring a tote bag or something with me to carry other items in and having the mini bag means easy access to my cards without digging around the bag. I've also managed to fit my bare essentials in it: hand sanitizer, lip balm, pain medication, tampon, and hand lotion.

As to whether or not it's worth the price tag? Tbh, probably not LOL. It's probably more worth it to spend a bit more and get a woc if I have to be honest. But if you like it, then you like it.


Apr 17, 2019