Clutch in Black Caviar.....

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  1. Have any of you seen this bag, it has a silver double C closure? I have only seen pics of this clutch in lambskin w/ diamond stitching. My SA is holding the caviar for me. If you have seen the bag I would appreciate your comments. I have to give my SA an answer today if I want to purchase it.
    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving~~~~~
    I am celebrating Black Friday:nuts: by staying home!! LOL
  2. After searching the site I found a pic of the caviar black clutch. Still don't know if I should get the one on hold. I thought I really wanted the lambskin.
  3. post the pic up and we can take a look !:yes:
  4. ^i would get it bc i think the clutch is cute. i love it in the caviar too. black is hard to find, so i'd grab it if you can!
  5. I love the clutch, it probably would be better in caviar since lambskin is a little delicate. Go for it ... it's perfect for all the holiday gatherings coming up!
  6. Oh get it!!!!! Sooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!
  7. I so LOVE it!!!!!!!
  8. Yep, that's my baby. I love it and I think you should go for the caviar. I recently got a flap in lambskin and I'm forever noticing yet another little imperfection on it. The caviar will be so much more care-free.
  9. i love it. i would def get it if it were me. it is soooo versatile. but it really depends on you and your needs for it.
  10. i just got it ... but mine is not caviar ... the leather is sooooo soft ... I think it would make a great evening bag ..
  11. I want a black caviar clutch!! Does any one know if I can still find one????
  12. Thank you girls!!!! You all are the BEST:heart: :heart:

    I just was not sure after seeing so many pics of the clutch in the lambskin if I would be happy w/ the caviar. But you all have helped me to see that it will be beautiful, versatile and more practical than the lambskin. I will phone my SA in the morning and have her to send it. I have 3 holiday events to attend in the next 3 weeks so I am sure I will love it! Thanks again!
  13. I will ask my SA in the morning if she will check their stock to see if there is another one. She had mine on hold because she is helping me choose pieces for my Chanel collection that will be classic and timeless. I requested to be on the waitlist for the baby cabas;) but she agrees that it is a great bag.

    If she does not have one I will let you know and if you like I can PM you my SA @ Saks in Atlanta info.
  14. Jennifer just had to say again I LOVE that Lady Braid~~~~
    wonderful choice!