Clutch Historique cuir indra vs monogram

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  1. calling all LV fans and owners (male and female too): which one of these is better for a guy? either one only. thanks.


  2. The leather one, the monogram one is a bit much, and borderline tacky.
  3. Not a male...But Cuir is what I'd like to see a guy wearing! Very nice!
  4. Just wondering is it the same size as the taiga clutch in a similar style? If so

    this bag will be wonderful! I was contemplating getting one!
  5. I saw the 24 Heures bag in person and LOVED it. Definitely get the Indra! :smile:
  6. yes approx the same size as the taiga belaia. yes both of the version is just fabulous! the cuir indra is really striking but the monogram is classic...
  7. Yah I would get it! its a great style, although my gf gets angry when I spend my money on stuff at LV xD, so I doubt I would be able to :S
  8. ha ha i would agree with your gf as the price is really "unbelievable" for a clutch!
  9. I like the mono for a guy. I think the black gold contrast looks too dressy. The mono plus chunky 'toolbox' like clasp looks masculine or unisex.
  10. come on guys and girls i need for comments from members here to support my dilemma :smile::smile::smile:
  11. I prefer cuir on a guy.
  12. I'm a guy too and I'd prefer the Indra. It's all leather and the chunky hardware make it very masculine.
  13. Monogram!
  14. We are quite divided on this one. After a few minutes of thinking about it. I think the Monogram. Initially I thought Cuir but Mono won in the end.
  15. helinaluvslife, thank u for your input but why did u end up choosing monogram for guy instead of the all leather indra?