Clutch Help

  1. Hey everyone!

    I was wondering what would be a good LV purchase for a clutch to go out with at night and I figured you all would be the right people to ask! Any suggestions or pictures with your own would be so helpful!

    Thanks everyone!:smile:
  2. i think a pochette is already enough! most of the clutches from LV is a bit on the expensive side.. :cursing:
  3. [​IMG]

    Although, I LOVE the MC Shirley :heart: It's versatile too!

    Also, the Lagoon Clutch ($540) is cute, especially the Vernis one but I don't think it still is in production. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong! ;))

  4. I think the Beverly Clutch is a perfect suggestion! :yes:
  5. My vote goes for the epi montaigne clutch :yes:
  6. I prefer the epi and beverly both are georgeus
  7. I'd go for the epi too! Extremely classy imho
  8. ... for whatever reason, my post was removed, but I voted for the epi one too.
  9. i like epi black montaigne, b/c well matching with any outfit and color as well...
  10. white shirley :smile:
  11. Epi Montaigne or white MC Shirely would be great! If you are looking for a mono, try pochette Marvelle :yes:
  12. I love the Epi Montaigne clutch (esp. in black) and the Mono pochette Florentine. I actually have the florentine and it is a great small clutch and I actually think that it is still under 200 dollars, so not too expensive for a clutch.